Our Coco Cabana Havanese Extended Family

 "So Buddy came up to Minnesota ( from Florida) for the holidays.  He actually likes snow and does not seem bothered by cold weather.  He is the most adaptable dog I have had! Handles grand kids and adult parties easily and he is super clever as he learns new tricks easily too!  Listens well and will walk without a leash (not on busy roads of curse).  Sleeps 10 hours a night (a win for me).  Anyway, he has been a fabulous add for us." 

Hi!  We are so happy with our "Teddy". He is still full of "piss and vinegar" just like you promised Havanese puppies would be. His best trick is he loves to dance!  He is so cute and he gets along great with Max the cat!

Monty and Murphy are adorable and so much fun. They love to visit the barn and play with the other dogs and fortunately have a healthy respect for the horses. Maryland is puppy paradise for them. They do adjust well to condo life in Florida as well and are stellar travelers. We are so happy we brought both of them home at the same time! 

Cachou is doing great. I moved from St Pete, FL to Switzerland. I hope you enjoy the video of Cachou in the mountains near Luzen. Cauchou really enjoyed running in the snow (not for long though!) Here she is resting after! I am still very happy with her, and thank God each day for the joy she brings me. 

Sailor is so much fun and gives us so much love. He adores everyone and is such a smart little boy. He recently finished his obedience classes and knows many word but his favorite is "cookie" and he's always trying to lead me to his cookie "treat"jar. He loves the beach and riding in the boat and keeps us laughing with his sweet little antics. I am thankful every day that I chose him for our family. We love him so much. 

 Just a note from Gracie. We love her! 

Willow is the greatest gift of all times. She is taking me on the most amazing journeys and teaching me more every day about the love of life and living in the moment. 

Roxie came to live with us when she was 10 weeks old. We were a little worried that she and our cat Abbey might not get along but they have become the best of friends. They chase each other and play all day long. Roxie was house trained in only two and a half weeks and has not had any accidents since then. We have also attended two puppy classes at a local pet store and she has learned all of her commands quickly. She is a smart little girl and has brought us so much joy and just pure fun! 

Seve is a wonderful companion. He is house trained. He rings a bell when he wants to go out. He is timid around large objects and loud noises but I think that is being a puppy. He loves to play with empty water bottles, he loves making that sound. He loves to tease. Seve will got in my closet and get one of my shoes, he won't chew it but just waits till I notice him then runs like all get out with it to the other side of the house. Then he waits til I get there, then he leaves the shoe and takes off again. 

I've been meaning to write you to say how much we love Jax.  He's absolutely the best dog we've ever had. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He's incredibly smart, good natured, fun and very loving. He was housebroken in a week. Now he sits, rolls over, and dances as well as walking on a leash. He loves car rides. Honestly, he's the greatest joy imaginable. 

Hi Deb, our Teddy is 4 years old now and is the most loving dog.  Our cat is 1 year old and they are best friends.  As you can see, Teddy shares his breakfast every morning with our cat- they play beautifully together.  We wanted you to know how much we love our Teddy and if you ever get to Jacksonville, we would love you to visit us.  Hugs, Marie and Ed   

She's so precious we are totally in love.  She's doing well and has already gotten bigger.  Still working on training.  She got a little spoiled having us all around for holiday so this is first week all back to school.  Her name is Lexi, short for a Greek goddess.  She is the best!  

Sailor is the smartest, most well behaved pup we have ever had.  He met Buster, our Tibetan Terrier, and they are like Velcro.  He walked like a show dog first time on leash, and was practically housebroken within 2 weeks.  He is just a delight, and well loved.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Debi's delightful pups.  

Two good friends each got a puppy from the same litter:

Lola and Jasper get to play together at less once a week but usually twice weekly. Jasper is very active and plays fetch very well. He loves our attention. Don and Jasper run together on the golf course in the late afternoons. His house training is doing well. He loves to meet new people and is good with other dogs. When our doorbell rings he thinks whoever it is has come to see him. Lola's personality is very similar. She is about a pound in weight ahead of Jasper. I think Jasper is going to be small like his mother.

Slick is doing great and as you can see below, totally at home and happy over here in New Orleans.  He is still the absolute sweetest dog.  He loves every single person he comes across and wants to be friends with them all.  He also loves and wants to play with every dog that is his size or smaller.... He is wary of the ones that are any larger than he is.   He is pretty mellow but loves to play and explore. It has been fairly easy to train him, and  Overall, such a wonderful sweet little guy, I can' t say enough wonderful things about him!!!!  

Blue is very loving, loves everyone she meets. She is very curious. She is just what we need. I thank you so much, You have given us great joy. She loves to cuddle and is very bright. . 

We hoped the boys would get along.  So, this happened!

The added bonus of seeing Sailor with his parents in Debbie's sparkling clean home, was an unexpected delight.

Minnie is amazing! This is our first Havanese puppy and we could not be happier with our choice of breed.  She is intelligent, loving and gets along with her brother Butter (Mini Poodle) and our cats. Minnie is great with our children, travels well, and is a special part of our family!

Carly is a terrific travel companion with for our motor home traveling across country.  I am the cutest most lovable personality plus little Havanese you would ever want. I just can’t understand why my baby toy is in the wash! I want it back...

Deb- Just dropping a line to say how much we love our baby (now 4). Here he is with his person, Dylan. They snuggle every night. He has turned out to be an absolute fantastic dog. We love him so much!  He is in perfect health and has a perfect temperament. 

Ace is adorable and such a good boy!!!! He’s the best company- he is never ever more than a foot away from me . He weighs fourteen pounds and has for quite awhile so the vet thinks he will stay this size.

We are back after dodging Irma from Minnesota. Buddy flew both ways without a peep or a mistake.  He is also housebroken already. ( amazing to me). He rings a bell by the door when he wants to go out. No mistakes for over two weeks. Very smart pup. Very sociable too. We have taken him many places and to many gatherings and all he does is make friends. You were right when you said you thought he would be a good dog!

This is my son with Brandy!  Love that dog!

Here is Frankie with his fur brother bunny Oliver.

Lexi is amazing with my older disabled son.  She knows just when to snuggle with home and when to play.  He favorite is riding his wheelchair to the bus every morning.  How cute are they! 

Just thought I would send a picture! She is absolutely adorable.  The most loving and sweet dog.  We couldn't lover her anymore!!  Hope all is well with you!

Four happy girls!  Rosie and Lulu now live in New Orleans. 

Buddy goes everywhere mommy goes. He loves kids and other dogs and likes to meet as many possible! He thinks he is the Mayor everywhere he goes! I have literally had people pull over to ask about him! They just swoon over him. And, he is willing to let anyone rub his belly! He sleeps through the night on his own bed and was easily crate trained during the day!