Coco Cabana Havanese FAQ

Do they shed?

Havanese do not shed and are hypoallergenic.  People who have allergies to dogs and cats can usually own Havanese without difficulty because this breed has hair and not fur, therefore do no have body dander or fur odor.   

What type of temperament do they have?

They are mild mannered, great family watchdogs, yet wonderful with children.  

Should I purchase a crate?

My adult dogs sleep a 18 x 24" wire crate, so this is the only one you will ever need to purchase.

We suggest a towel or old t-shirt initially as it will have your scent and is easily washed. Later, they love fleece type beds or crate liners.   

If you want a travel bag, I use a Sherpa for air travel. 

Harness or Collar?

We recommend using a harness instead of a collar and it is only used when the dog is going outside. Leaving a collar on can mat the dogs hair so we don't do it. Your vet will recommend micro chipping so tags are not really necessary.  There are so many harnesses on the market but I like the mesh ones best. You will need an XXS now.  Most of my adults wear a XS.  It is easy to choke a small dog like an Havanese when they are wearing a collar, that is why we recommend a harness. In the beginning, you may need to purchase an inexpensive cat harness for proper fit.  If possible, take the pup with you to purchase.  Not only so you can try it on but it is a fantastic social event.  

Your puppy has never been on a leash.  Inevitably the first one will get chewed so buy something inexpensive to start.  Or consider the brand Lupine, they replace their products if they are chewed!

How can I bell train my puppy?

This is an easily taught command that your friends will find impressive and entertaining.  It will also give your pup an effective way to let you know he needs to go outside.  Hang a rope​​ with bells from the door you use to take your dog out.  These can be purchased on line or at any pet shop.  Begin by ringing the bell every time you take the pup out and use the command words "go potty".  After a few times, take the pups paw and gently hit the bell using the same command; letting him out each time.  At some point, the pup will hit the bell himself; more than likely by accident or while playing.  When this happens, you must immediately give the command and take the pup out.  In just a few days, your pup will be ringing the bell regularly. 

What kind of food should I feed?

We feed Canidae Life Stages All Life Stages Formula Dry Dog Food.  We will give a sample of it. If you decide to change, just mix them together gradually and wean to new food.  Please do not feed any Purina product or most anything you can purchase at the supermarket. Not only is a quality food important for health, it also makes what comes out much more pleasant.

Will my puppy miss their Mom?

Each pup will go home with a toy that has the scent of mother and the litter to make the transition easier.

Do they like toys?

The Havanese puppies are enjoying chasing balls, toys in which you insert a water bottle (makes a great noise) and toys with squeakers.  Many people have not only taught their puppies to fetch but name the toys so the pups learn to retrieve a specific toy on command.  

The puppy will be teething now.  It is important not to allow them to chew on your fingers although you should be able to put your fingers in the dogs mouth. Havanese puppies love Bully Sticks.  These are a freeze dried part of a bull and NOT made of rawhide.  You should have several things that are made for chewing.  Just as an FYI, our dogs never liked the rubber type bones and rawhide can be a choking hazard. 

What kind of food bowls should I buy?

The best bowls are stainless steel because they do not harbor bacteria. 

Grooming tools?

Here is a link to the brush we recommend. We use the 20mm. Wood bristle brushes are now popular, they also sell these on this site. We had one for years and really liked it. You can also purchase one at pet shops.  Just make sure the pin has no ball on the end and brush your arm to make sure the bristles are soft. You may also wish to purchase a stainless comb with wide spaces on one end and small spaces on the other.

While you can purchase dog shampoo, we use Tresemmé human shampoos and conditioners on my dogs.  Many people ask about baby shampoo, but it is very drying.